Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A nation divided can not stand

The more I look at the press, from print to TV; I am worried about our future. We seem to have polarized opinions that cannot live with each other. We seem to demand acceptance where tolerance would work far better. I admit I have moved to a more conservative mentality on economics, I am a social libertarian to a large extent. This is where my tolerance argument comes from. Small Government requires tolerance. Small Government allows for personal freedom to reign. Small Government will not allow for a small group of individuals to dictate their wishes over the majority of us. That alone was the beauty of our constitution. That is what we have lost.

Should the elite in both parties be worried, I say yes!

 Here In Nevada we have Rhinos backing Reid, and Democrat's not using their party affiliation next to their name. Yet we have a tea party candidate who without backing giving the Democratic Senate Majority leader all he can take. What does that mean? I would say that the people who have been taken for granted are beginning to speak up. For those who have been in charge of this mess, I would choose my words carefully. Your future is at stake. The last time this has happened here the British had to relocate them to Canada.

I would say we are seeing the birth of a new government and a new ruling party, that party being you and I. I believe that our two party systems are forever gone. What third or fourth parties rise has not been determined as of yet. But I believe that the people are speaking. And the powers that be need to either listen or pack its bags and begin to look at for the union jack. For those who only speak for the Unions are going to get Jack when the people begin to push back.

All we want is sanity; we want small government, and lower taxes. We have all had to deal with deflation of our homes, salaries and standard of living. It is time for our leaders to realize that new taxes are not the answer. The Federally mandated programs of this administration will not stand. States rights will again rise in influence; the tea parties across the nation are just the first wave. The war of ideas have begun, and all of those who say the constitution and the Declaration of Independence are out dated will have to defend the notion that big government and a consolidation of power at the Federal level is a positive move. History has not painted a great picture of the results of big government and personal liberty. Death and abuse are the only results that big central power seems to bring with it.