Thursday, November 11, 2010

A small busienssmans perspective on what we can do

I have had the privilege of owning more than one type of business and been involved in different sectors of the economy. So I believe that I have a perspective that few have. It is well documented that business and small business is sitting this one out due to the uncertainty of all the taxes and regulations that are coming down the road from Washington. What are we to do from a state standpoint; well I believe that we need to create an atmosphere of certainty. This means a long term commitment of lower taxes, lower regulation and a strong front against the efforts of Washington in terms of its policies. Regionally we are in a good spot, with California going broke, and all the inventory of vacant land, housing, commercial properties etc. Nevada has to clearly set itself apart, to create jobs and opportunity. Nevada needs to go back and relook at what has been put into place in a regulatory, fee and tax structure and see if these items are really needs. And what cost structure was put into place and the effects on the industry that it was placed on. This will not be easy; there are those that will have to bend on EPA, tax and regulatory policy. For too incentivize our business community we have to allow for them to make money. To diversify we have to allow for a broad base easing of the cost that we have placed on business. Nevada will gain for the folks leaving California, if our message is clear. If not we will continue to wallow.

I have seen the opportunity leave this area and this state. Much of the regulations and tax and fee structure has come from an overreach on the public sector over the private sector. I regret that we are going to lose some public sector jobs, but history has shown that if we can jump start our economy, the benefits in taxes and revenue generation will erase any of those concerns. Just look at Virginia, which had a budget deficit in the Billions and now are only second to Texas in job growth, and tax revenue. Nevada regionally can, and in my thoughts must commit to lowering our tax and regulatory structure to bring in regionally a much more diverse economy. We can use our negatives as a positive. We have vacant housing, which is becoming more and more competitive in pricing. We have the empty buildings to bring in service business. We have large warehouses that can accommodate manufacturing. All these are possible if we act. But we have to look inward first and reduce regulations and fees and taxes. We have to stream line.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Disconnect of the entrenched political class

Politically and economically where are we today? And can we grow from here? Two good questions, I am not sure we have a chance of getting to the answers, with our present leadership. The dust has settled after the November 2nd elections, but what does it tell us. The far left Socialist in Washington, feel that we do not understand the future America that they have promised. The far right progressives feel that the tea party was just a blip on the radar. These are not good signs for the rest of us.

I have looked at what these two extremes are telling us. The far left is playing a dangerous game of using race, creed and the economic underclass and pitting the rest of us as the enemy. The far right progressives are protecting their interest and consolidating power where they can. And the vast majority of us are in the middle, viewed by both sides with contempt.

The Tea party was a voice of reason, smaller government and less cost on us. It was an argument of placing more control further down the economic chain, giving us more options. The problem is that the options are getting smaller as I write this comment. The Federal Reserve just broke their promise and monetized the debt to the tune of 600 billion with a promise of another 250 billion in a few months. That is close to a Trillion dollars in monetization of a debt that will cause stagflation and a commodities crisis of staggering proportions. The Federal Reserve just monetized 600 billion in Debt which has in essence decreased the value of our Dollar by 20%. That will cause the price of food; energy and the cost of living up for all of us when we can least afford it. This is a revisiting of stagflation of the 1970's but on steroids. For the amounts that we are talking about now are far greater than we had back then.

The actions of the middle here is going to move this debate, either in a positive way or one that I do not want to even think about. The country may not withstand these effects, and I could see the destruction of our system of government. The states may have to question the union and break away from the policies of Washington. These are scenarios that are not easy to think about, but we may have to go down that road if thing do not change. I am not pushing for a civil war, I am telling you of the potential we face and the level of unrest that the actions of a few have created. History tells us how Man has reacted in these times; we have a choice facing us. We need to have clear headed leaders, for these times that are now facing us. The next few months are going to test the beliefs of every Man and Woman in our society. If we pit one against the other we will have violence, those leaders that pit different groups in our society as the enemy need to be rebutted at every turn. For we will need all of us to get out of this hole, that a few have caused.

The current act of monetizing the debt by our leadership is sending us down an economic road that will create a chaotic social condition and cause all of us much pain. If the level of this effect is not evenly spread out in our society, and the government does not actively react to help the disposable income crisis that we are going to face. We will be in for serious trouble. And those seeking power will need to be scrutinized even more. We cannot continue to allow the a press who approaches news on a one sided opinion, as the norm. the debate will get very heated, It needs to. all options need to be on the table, and we must all know the options.

We are going to be pushed; we are going to have to move. The direction of movement is ours to determine.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

economic Plan of action

We all have lost capitol, we have all had to reduce our spending habits and we have all we have had to limit what we can do daily. This is not only a personal problem; it is a business and state issue as well. We have a mortgage default crisis, and we have business property that will soon come under mortgage default as well. We can only grow out of this mess in a planned, methodical way. We have to have a solid reason for our action so everyone will be on board. I have two major goals; first we have to regain increased discretionary spending. This is the short term fix, and I believe this can only be done by reducing cost for everyone. Second we have to heal the economic condition to not only grow the current business climate but to diversify our economy, this means an intentional movement away from being solely focused on gaming issues tourism and gaming. Not abandon those two industries but to lessen our exposure to the ebbs and flows of the economic impact we face when we have a far too narrow economy and tax base. Any sane individual will think twice before investing, or taking a risk on a new business venture. We have to look at other segments of our economy and heal our economy from the bottom up not the top down. The lack of capitol is the key, big items will have to be put on the back burner, and we need to look at our economy here and now. We currently have a service based economy and we have far too many use fees that is constraining our current economic condition, for too many small operations. 86% of our employed here in the state are working for companies of 20 employees or less, we have to change how we govern. How then are we to get out of this mess?

Here is my short list:

For General population, the Mortgage crisis issue help increase disposable income to stabilize our current condition. Goal to increase discretionary spending, short term fix to take economic stress off our population.

• Allow all homeowners the choice of paying interest only for a two year period.

• Lower all Power, telephone, sales tax and water fees by half.

• Reduce the cost of higher education to $150.00 a unit.

• Open up health care to allow for more carriers to come into market.

For Businesses,

• Reduce employee taxes.

• Reduce business taxes to levels on 2000.

• Reduce taxes on power, telephone, Sales, and water fees by half.

• Allow businesses owners a two years period of paying interest only on mortgages.

• Open up health care to allow for more carriers to come into market.

• Reduce all compliance issues, regulations, fees, permits to same levels of 2000.

• Repeal the Nevada clean air act. (To help stabilize local bar, C Store and supermarkets)

• Reduce gaming taxes by half. (To help stabilize gaming industry)

The Leaders in our government see the need for services and continue to push for new spending. But is that a long term goal we can live with? I am not so sure. We cannot continue to raise fees and taxes that result in a lower business activity. We have to enable those who can work, the incentive to go out and work and benefit from that work. With a lack of Capitol can we afford to take on more debt without it effecting future growth? I say no. Many on the left think that in our economy we are only trading from one to another, many on the left do not understand that we can grow and build new items that will expand our economy.

The issue that I have with our leadership in both parties is that they have forgotten that we can build things. It would appear that the issues of environmental concerns have put that option off the table. We have increased the cost of manufacturing and have forced much of our manufacturing off shore. I believe that we can build again and that we can reduce cost and still be cleaner that in the past. We have to diversify, and that means manufacturing, that also means we need to lower operation cost. We need to increased power plants to diversify our energy needs and lower our rates. We can continue with clean energy but we also need to build what has worked in the past. Clean coal is a viable option; we cannot afford to deny that the BTU factor of burning coal works. Many of these items have been front line issues of the far left. I am not a far right or left person, I am very aware that our current condition cannot continue, we are eroding our future and we have to grow out of this condition. We can grow and be cleaner than the past, but we have to allow ourselves the chance and ability to grow and diversify.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The battle over taxes and services

How much can we afford, and at what price? We are suffering from a downward push on our salaries, equity and our personal wealth. Whether you are a business owner or an employee we are in this together. How do we build jobs? Well the answer is simple, but the pain will be felt by all. We have to help individual business owners regain profitability, not just the large businesses but all. Small business has far too often been played by both the government and big business to restrict competition and increase the cost of operation, all to garner new taxes. The burden of tax and fees on small business is the straw has broken the camel’s back. We are at a cross roads, our actions in the next six months will determine if we turn this around or do we continue to erode into a chaotic economy.

Small business in Nevada, employ 86% of all persons employed in Nevada. These small business operations are comprised of companies of 20 people or less. Why then do we listen to far too great an extent the IGT's and the Casino lobby? Again Capitol is less available. We need to change the idea that we need to hit a home run and bring in big business. Let’s just get people on base. Just look at the SF Giants, they got rid of their home run hitter and now made the playoffs. We need to reduce cost, reduce taxes, and reduce fees on that 86% of employers in this state. The Pain is a reduction in State employees, for that I regret that individuals will feel pain. But we have to look at where we are, and that position is one of weakness. If we do nothing, businesses will continue to falter. If we only reduce cost slightly, we will continue to have an extended period of pain. Governments will continue to reduce hours, and employees due to the business climate that has continued to put economic strain on small business. We need drastic measures to reduce the cost of doing business. As capitol begins to become available, businesses will start to invest, and hire. We have to allow these risk takers that chance to make money. If we take away all the uncertainty and allow this to happen it is the first step to recovery.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why our political leaders cannot see the need to find a economic balance point

Why is there such a difference in opinions coming from our political leaders and the vast majority of the population? Our leaders tend to think that only they can act in this economic downturn, and that they alone have the answer. They will gather their supporters, meet and have advisory boards and come up with ideas that a limited number of people are privy to. What is lost on many of them is that all they can do is restrict, and increase the cost on individuals by acting. Unless our leaders see the light and begin to reduce cost o its citizens, by reducing regulations, fees, and compliance cost on individuals and small business. Here in Nevada 86% of the businesses have 20 or fewer employees. That is right 86%. These individuals and small business owners are in real pain at the moment. They have lost capitol; they have lost equity and are in a situation that is giving them fewer and fewer possibilities to grow their way out of this mess. Banks are not lending and if they would be able to borrow, the amount available to them is much smaller than 2 years ago. Returns on investments are much smaller in a market that has been reduced to the levels that we now face.

The Tea party folks have been demanding lower taxes, smaller government, which is in direct opposition from our leader’s stance that only they have the answers. This is a direct threat, and why our leaders are so worried. They should be, the movement to take power away from them is rising again, and they have lost the moral authority to lead. respect is not given it is earned, and what is lost to many of our leaders is that the vast number of our population have hopes, dream and the ability to take care of their own issues. The problem arises when government begins to overreach and try to socially engineer our options and our behavior.

I regret that we find ourselves at this crossroad, but here we are. The pain will be felt by many; the length of time that the pain will be felt is up to our leaders. If they follow the road to recovery they will reduce cost on us. If they continue to believe that they can design a better way the pain will last much longer.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A nation divided can not stand

The more I look at the press, from print to TV; I am worried about our future. We seem to have polarized opinions that cannot live with each other. We seem to demand acceptance where tolerance would work far better. I admit I have moved to a more conservative mentality on economics, I am a social libertarian to a large extent. This is where my tolerance argument comes from. Small Government requires tolerance. Small Government allows for personal freedom to reign. Small Government will not allow for a small group of individuals to dictate their wishes over the majority of us. That alone was the beauty of our constitution. That is what we have lost.

Should the elite in both parties be worried, I say yes!

 Here In Nevada we have Rhinos backing Reid, and Democrat's not using their party affiliation next to their name. Yet we have a tea party candidate who without backing giving the Democratic Senate Majority leader all he can take. What does that mean? I would say that the people who have been taken for granted are beginning to speak up. For those who have been in charge of this mess, I would choose my words carefully. Your future is at stake. The last time this has happened here the British had to relocate them to Canada.

I would say we are seeing the birth of a new government and a new ruling party, that party being you and I. I believe that our two party systems are forever gone. What third or fourth parties rise has not been determined as of yet. But I believe that the people are speaking. And the powers that be need to either listen or pack its bags and begin to look at for the union jack. For those who only speak for the Unions are going to get Jack when the people begin to push back.

All we want is sanity; we want small government, and lower taxes. We have all had to deal with deflation of our homes, salaries and standard of living. It is time for our leaders to realize that new taxes are not the answer. The Federally mandated programs of this administration will not stand. States rights will again rise in influence; the tea parties across the nation are just the first wave. The war of ideas have begun, and all of those who say the constitution and the Declaration of Independence are out dated will have to defend the notion that big government and a consolidation of power at the Federal level is a positive move. History has not painted a great picture of the results of big government and personal liberty. Death and abuse are the only results that big central power seems to bring with it.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

When can we have both regulatory oversight, and still have economic growth?

I have been accused of being totally against regulatory oversight, and more of an anarchist. I respectfully disagree, when I have stated that I wished that we return to the regulatory levels of the year 2000. I am speaking in terms of fees and taxes; this would reduce regulatory additions that have been added this last decade. I believe that we need to relook at what was the intent, and what was the outcome of these additional oversights. For to just to continue to inject regulatory oversight without a review process, is by its nature unjust. Big Business often uses its ability to form regulation to its advantage, and help promote monopolistic pressures. Here in Nevada the Casino lobby's ability to promote a state wide smoking ban by being able to hide through its ability to place members on the cancer society’s and fund that ban, is unjust. By a selective nature of implementation the smoking ban allowed casinos to operate on a different level of rules that allowed them to monopolize the gaming market. Never mind it is illegal for personally benefit from the actions of a non profit, the large Las Vegas casinos broke IRS code.The knowledge of the connection between smoking and gambling is well known and documented. Any law that excludes one level of business activity at a lower level and allows for larger companies is unjust in any market place. While having harsher implementation at a lower level in the economy is wrong and unjust. You might think that I smoke; well you would be wrong in that assumption, I just can’t allow government to be used that way, especially in these hard economic times.

In Nevada, we used our free economic climate to separate ourselves from our neighboring states. Well for a good social cause we have allowed ourselves to be played. Our millennium scholarship for higher education funded by the cigarette settlement and taxes has been placed in jeopardy and are in real trouble in Nevada to fund higher education. We now have destroyed the 275 million that we used to get from the tax has generated by the slot routes in Nevada. And the monies that the slot routes used to share with local businesses have been wiped out. Just drive down your local street and see which businesses are closed and look for yourselves. Local stores, restaurants bars drug stores and supermarkets that used to derive monies from the games have seen that wiped out. Their abilities to pay power, rent, payroll has been destroyed. The one main difference that the local gaming business had over the Casino industry in Nevada was that it gave local business owners direct access to money generated by those games. The Casino Lobby used its power and influences to destroy a major part of the Nevada economy, and we allowed it to happen.

The issue is on the growth and application of much of this regulatory, tax and fee structure that came into being during this last decade. I believe that this growth came with it a big price tag, one our local economy cannot afford. I believe that Government grew with the same zeal that the private sector did, but right now in the economic situation that we now face we need to get off of businesses chest if we want jobs and the ability to have economic growth so we can all benefit. Now that reality has come to the private sector that has brought a new sense of frugality, our Government is slowly being dragged in that same direction. Our political leaders always use the heart strings of putting our teachers, police and fire on the front line to try to fight a budget crisis and attempt to gain any support to maintain our tax levels.

This attempt of our political leaders is misplaced, and leads to a public that distrusts is own government. We need services, but it has to be viewed on our ability to pay. And with this new economic condition that we are now living we have some serious choices ahead of us. Regulatory oversight needs to allow for business to grow; Right now we have departments using fees and regulatory oversight to shack down new projects, and are having a negative impact of future growth. How much can a business afford to have in say a new veterinary clinic, being built? If we add undue cost to that project the vet will have to have higher fees from everything from shots to a yearly check up. This would not make him or her competitive and thus make it harder to recoups the investment into the new building. I have a neighbor, who has owned multiple veterinary clinics in the area and is trying to build a new clinic in a new area. these charges is a hardship to that project, not only is his business plan being hurt, but the contractors that are waiting for the permits to be drawn are also being hurt playing this waiting game.

When regulatory oversight, fees and taxes become punitive in nature we have begun down a road that will bring economic stagnation, this practice needs to change.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Where are we now, and where are we going?

I believe it is time to reflect on the changes that have been placed upon us, by our state and federal government. We all share some culpability, but not complete culpability. For when we as average Nevadans were planning our day we did not see these events coming. We have a federal government that is pushing change, but is it the change we wanted and are the results of this change what we expected. The effects and cost of these changes on Nevada are still to be determined. I am a dinosaur, I believe as our founding fathers that the strength of our society comes from having the most power at the individual level and that a small government is all that is needed, when all individuals have the good of society at its best interest. How far from those ideals we have gone are alarming to me. To have so much power centralized at the federal level will lead to a tyrant, whether it is Obama or the next President. I do not care which party is in power, this is not the direction we need to go in.

The issue is that our government is losing its moral authority to govern, both the federal and the state. We have far too much policy and procedure that by its implementation slows down any chance of a recovery. We need to be lean and mean at the moment, we have to be able to adapt and Government does not lend itself to that end. Here in Nevada We have a government that is not helping those of us that still have the ability to grow us out of this funk, by placing added cost to potential projects. I have a neighbor who is a veterinarian, he is building a new clinic, and the permitting fees and regulations that are being placed on him are getting out of hand. How much do these government agents think he is going to pay for all these fees? No one will be able to have their dogs get their annual shots if he has to build these costs into his pricing. What are we doing here, are we working together or are we destroying our ability to grow again. I have another neighbor who owns land up in cold springs and he would like to build a C Store. Well the powers that be want over $150,000.00 for a traffic study, which is ridiculous. We are talking about Cold springs here, not the spagetti bowl. Now not only is he not going to build a C store he is really thinking about selling the land.

We seem to have a state government that still believes that we need to have this level of oversight, and that this oversight is justifiable. Well it is not. The times have changed, whether we wanted this or not. The reality is that we have to downsize if we are again going to be able to grow again. I believe this justifies my stance to revisit all levels of fees, regulations and taxes of 2000, and don’t tell me that we will not have the teachers, police or fire protection that we need. I believe that we had all those people employed at that time; I am going after all the middle management and new policies that have been put in during that bubble. We have more people in the state and if the rates remain the same we should have ample monies for teachers, police and fire.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jobs and tax cuts, why it is the cure

Jobs and tax cuts, I get the progressive, Liberal talking points. Business is bad, and needs to be taxed and regulated so as to make the workers have a fair safe place to work. Well who is going to hire if it is no longer profitable to take the risk? If we continue to use government regulations in a punitive way, who in their right mind would take the risk, the answer is all around us, Nobody. Jobs are not being formed because we have people who would take a risk and start or build their business but the rewards are not there. We have local government using its regulatory power to squeeze out any and all money to those who are trying to expand, build or grow. This has to stop. I have a neighbor who is building a new veterinary clinic, the fees that he is now being asked for is unreasonable from building, fire etc. I have another neighbor who bought land up in cold springs to build a convenient store, well after the government wanted $150,000 for a traffic study; it no longer makes any sense to put up a tent let alone a store that would hire people. We need smaller government and we need to get these people out of the way if we are to ever grow again.

To create jobs we have to allow people to profit from taking risk. Big Government can do one thing, it can increase cost, it can extend the time to get permits, it can place road blocks to growth, it can make a business model that was once profitable non profitable. I am sorry to all the progressives out there, but you are so wrong in this climate. It is time again for you to sit down and let us get back to work.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Arizona issue, does it relate in Nevada

The Short answer is yes. Does Arizona have the right to enforce immigration law? Technically this is a federal issue, but the federal government is doing very little to help out the states on this issue. So in the reality that the federal government is not doing its job, the State has not only the right but the public responsibility to take over. From my reading of the bill it is a watered down version of the federal law. yes I said watered down, So for those who are afraid of racial profiling this law has some protected language in it, to protect our liberties.  As every American I am against profiling, we are all after all descendants of immigrants. My mother came from Canada, and it took her years to become a citizen and to this day it is one of the proudest days of her life. I support the citizens od Arizona, and I am in favor of Arizona's law. We have to bring order to Chaos; this is not only justifiable but necessary.

I am not anti Hispanic, in any way shape or form. But we need to bring order to this situation. Amnesty is not the answer. We have to reinforce these ideas:

• Know who is coming into our country

• Have them medically checked out

• Have them understand the laws and the rules of living in our society

• Understand our history

• Understand our language

• Understand the rules to become a citizen

This is not about ethnic purity, and American's are not against people coming here to better their lives. But to ignore this issue is national suicide. The open border crowd and the global government crowd are way off base here. If we continue to follow these individuals we will lose much of our liberties.We have people in La Raza that are openly speaking of a Hispanic revolution and retaking the west, We have to seek these people out and call them out on there behavior. I guess they did not like the millions the united states paid mexico for the land after beating them in the mexican american war. We won we really did not need to pay for the land yet we did. We have hate speech coming from certain sectors of these illegal immigrants that will only lead to racial tensions, and civil unrest. So for those who are standing against the states right to protect themselves I cannot disagree more.

The Illegal’s unwillingness to learn of American history, the unwillingness to learn the language, and the abuse of our services and the lowering of the standard of living has reached a boiling point. If it is about coming here to work and send money home them we have work Visas, if it is about Mexico’s is getting rid of the unwanted people (Northern Mexicans) who the People in Mexico City view as racially impure. The United States is being used by Mexico as its human landfill and this must stop. The problem is with Mexico, and the corruption, and the Mexican economy is in shambles. We cannot maintain our standard of living and lower ourselves to Mexico’s level and still hold true to what America stands for.

Arizona has the right to enforce its laws; Nevada has the right to enforce its laws. Get over the racial crap. I am not feeling guilty about this is any way shape or form. If we do nothing this will develop into a war, it has already developed into a war of words.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why do progressives dislike my idea of lower taxes so much

  As my father always said, follow the money. My approach to revert all taxes regulations and fees back to the levels of the year 2000 goes directly after the money and the power that these individuals in government want to maintain. The issue is that I am going after their power; I am questioning the middle and upper management in the public sector. I have to ask these questions, did we not have teachers in January 2000? Did we not have Police in January 2000? Did we not have Roads, Local and state government, and public services at those tax and fee rates? I believe the answer is yes. What I am going after is all the new ideas, programs and infrastructure that have been put into place with the economic bubble that just collapsed. If we had good ideas I am open to keep and maintain those new services, but we will have to prioritize and lose items that are failing to meet goals. Any attempt to maintain those levels of tax revenues is morally wrong in hard times, and to ask a population to continue to be taxed at that level is unjust and unfair. It places too great a hardship on a far reaching population. I am not against providing basic services, but we will have to begin to realize the limits of government in a free society. Progressives see a strong central government, this is the main reason our forefathers left Europe. Whether it was a king or a dictator, centralized power delivers the potential for great tragedies. Power corrupts; I stand for giving more power to you, the individual.

So to those those are preaching that I am against education, police, fire or the poor. I say wrong, I am going after your power and wanting to give it back to the people. For those of you that are control freaks, you need to get a hobby. There are better ways of providing services that share responsibilities, and total control at the state or local levels is not the answer. A strong community starts with strong individuals.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Do we continue to elect people the old way or do we go in a new dirtection

I have political race ahead of me, with four other men who I believe are all upstanding individuals. Some of us are small to medium size business owners; one is a public defender, lobbyist and a leader of the young republicans. All of us are active and care for the future of this state, and our community. Some of us are older some are younger. Some have been endorsed by the old guard and some by the new guard. Whoever the voters elect I believe this will be more on personality since we all have a similar message. We Republicans will need help to take back a position of bargaining needing to win a numbers game in Carson. Las Vegas is still a strong Democratic foothold on the electorate. So electing someone who has the power to persuade, to teach the other side the cause and affect much of this talk of new taxes will have on our community. I have personally had some experience and some success in this area concerning the gross receipts battle of 2002-2003. I had to teach school basically down in Carson and teach the Rino’s and Democratic leaders that to tax the gross of a business activity without taking in the economies of scale was not only a unfair tax structure but would have a drastically negative effect on a small businesses ability to grow and prosper. That fight will need to be won again with a counter attack on repealing the 700 million in new spending. I believe that I have the skills to win this war that is coming. I am not a pawn of big business and my personal business experience is broad enough to have a far reaching impact on the debate. I have personally seen the negative effects that a well intention public policy can have on small business and again we are in a battle over creating jobs. I have the message and the tools to see this thing through.

For as I see this it is the effects of that 700 million in new spending and corresponding tax and fee package that we are all feeling today, will need to be repealed. This fight will take some talent to win. The economic activity that we based that spending is long gone, combined with the devaluation in our homes has us all tightening our belts. This is because of a tone of doubt that we all have that is coming out of our federal and state governments. We see cost rising and services being cut. We see the effects that it is having on our local businesses and the effect that it has had on the job market. Many of us, me included are struggling with having to find other work because the revenue has dried up. We are in a fight with some of our leaders focusing on tomorrow, when we are focusing on the here and now. I will admit that this down turn has hit some more than others. The effects not all equal, But, Do we continue the attack on what is still working or begin to build from there. I am against taxing the mines and other businesses just because they have not been hit as hard. Well at some point we have to figure out what is still working in this society and fix what is not. That is where we are, and hard decisions are at hand. Who we elect will need to deal with these issues, not for some personal glory issue but because it is what is right. That is what the voters will have to choose from. What person can best lead us out of this mess; we need new blood and a willing person to wage this fight.

Monday, April 26, 2010

How do we pay for services while lowering taxes, the answer is simple.

I have had many tell me, “sounds great but how do we continue to fund services”. Well, first I am not saying stop all services, I have said reverse taxes, fee and regulations to January 1, 2000. This alone would give a boost to jobs creation and capitol growth, at the individual, the family and small business level. This will also go a long way in reducing the personal pain and economic pressure that we are all feeling. With the Lost of capitol locally and nationally we have to begin to heal from the bottom up. Ten years of growth in Nevada government, needs to be looked at and studied. We need to see what benefits and at what cost these programs had over that time, at both the individual and business development level. What effects it had on small business generation and growth, I would say has increased cost, and slowed down much of what small business can do. The population has grown since and there will be a need to maintain or raise some additional funds, but we need to have a priority of cutting what taxes, fees and regulations that have slowed our economic potential. I contend that when the economy begins to grow again some additional funds will come back with a increase in economic activity. So if we reduce cost and build income we will go a long way toward an economic recovery. There will still be a call from some to maintain some of the programs that we have put into service; we still have a Medicare, and Medical issue looming and a population that is aging. The two easiest and hardest ways to raise money are Yucca Mountain and the Federal land issue in Nevada.

• We have had Harry Reid spout that Yucca is dead, but after spending 20 billion on the project we need to really think about this. The waist will become a commodity at some point, as education determines how to develop energy out of the nuclear rods and once the byproduct becomes benign Nevada can profit from this. Whether it would be like Alaska residents getting a check every month. Nevada could also realize an untapped revenue source that could fund basic services and our schools.

• Second is the federal ownership of 87% of the State lands and Airspace. I know that we tried to have a Sagebrush Rebellion in the 1970's but Nevada can no longer be asked to continue to bear the burden of all these unfunded mandates coming from Washington and not demand what is right for our citizens of this state. The potential property tax revenue, from private ownership, would take care of much of our woes.

Much of what I have stated is not rebellious in nature; much of it has been forced upon us. Nevada has had a long history of making hard decisions. When left with little choices we have to make the hard choices. We as a State have been put in a corner, either we take a fall or come out fighting. We need to take the initiative here and stand up for what is right, not only for our children but for our State. I would appreciate your vote on June 8th.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How do we create jobs and a stable tax base, my solution.

My opponents, in my opinion are all good decent people. They have all promised to fight any new taxes. I believe we are on the same page on this topic, yet I believe it goes further than that. For Nevada to create jobs and tax revenue we need to reduce the taxes, fee and regulations that have been put in during the last ten years of the government bubble. You see what has been missing in this debate is the fact that government grew along with the housing, financial and banking bubbles. Well it is clear that those bubbles were based on money that was not really there. How then can we then justify the maintaining of taxes that government has put in place over the last decade? My Goal is a simple one, we have to increase capitol not only in the business community but at the individual level as well, That means all these fees that our state has put into place, from drivers license, fishing electricity, water and others need to be reversed if not removed. We are all struggling; we will not be able to grow again until we can find a place that is not continuing to put stress on our individuals and our families. We have to have a tax holiday and a real look at what has been put in place during this bubble. I stand for lower taxes, along with fighting new ones. Nevadans can no longer afford to pay a dollar of tax revenue and get five cents of benefit. We need to strongly look at what and how our government spends our tax money. I regret that some will lose government jobs, but either we create an atmosphere that again builds the private sector and creates more than just government jobs. Or we will continue down this road where we are all at the beck and call of Government for all of our needs. I will continue to fight for the individual and lower cost for all, not just continue the game of politics that we currently have.

Can we continue without being civil toward each other

To anyone who has read what I believe, you might agree or you might disagree. You still have that right, for I am tolerant of others and are willing to listen and maybe just learn from others. Yet I am finding that the rift between the Far Left and Far Right is growing. The problem is that we are no longer tolerant of each other and that truly scares me. We seem incapable of having a civil discussion without it becoming personal. This has happen before and has never had a good ending. I believe this next election will be on the person and not who that person knows. I believe that we need to elect someone who can talk to both sides, for I believe that the truth is not being given a chance to be heard. I believe we need to truly discuss these topics during this election. We can no longer elect someone who has the right look, or drives the right car, or has the right endorsements. This is going to get ugly, we need to look at everyone and pick the person who has the ability to get both sides to the table and find common ground. These are the topics I believe in, that would have the maximum benefit to all Nevadans.

• Government's growth during the bubble cannot be sustained; I propose downsizing government back to the levels of January 1, 2000. Radical I know, but we need to give everyone a chance to regroup, and we need to find a balance where everyone had a chance to breathe economically.

• The taxes, fees and regulations that have been put in place over the last ten years, are stifling any economic growth due to the reduction in economic activity. The realization is that the rates have not gone down, but economic activity and profit margins have. Nevada needs to go back and cut programs, policies, taxes and fees that have hurt our economic condition.

• With the real potential of further increases from our nation’s capitol, such as a national sales tax, cap in trade, and higher energy cost. Nevada needs to separate itself from the current big government mentality and give business, both large and small hope that its business models will find profitability in Nevada. This alone will help stabilize our economy by giving people from across the nation a safe haven to move to. this will stabilize our housing and business community

• Jobs can only be created by all of us building capitol. With all of us having lost equity in our homes, and many of us being upside down on our mortgages. Not only our neighbors but our locally owned businesses are trying to survive right now. Nevadans can no longer view that capitol can only be built from outside this state. Lower cost on all of us will help the average Nevadan survive this economic downturn.

This is my stance, this is what I believe. I am not only offering lower cost to the biggest companies, but to everyone. I regret that some in state government will lose their jobs, but I would rather them have a vibrant economy so they would have job choices, than the stagnant economy that we find ourselves in presently. I am not doing away with taxes, just lowering them to a place we all can start moving forward again. For to have a stable economy in Nevada we need to have all of us share in this next growth cycle. If we continue to grow government we will have only a limited few enjoy the next harvest from this economy. I will not stand for that. I am willing to give my life, my name and my fortune in this endeavor.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Health care revisited

This fundamental change that our President promised is beginning to take shape. It would appear to be an Europeanization of our country. We now have increased the movement away from self reliance to one of collective dependence. I understand that people in hard times cannot afford to pay for health care. To have the Government pay for a commodity like health insurance seems like a compassionate way to deal with rising cost. But what are the real cost, and who really benefited? What decisions were just made for us, and why? I am someone who understands the market. With higher cost we saw individuals retreat from paying those higher health care cost and giving up having insurance. Businesses took away that benefit due to the high cost. As individuals began to go without insurance the natural consequence would have been an economic force to reduce the cost of insurance in order to increase the number of people who have health insurance. Insurance companies and health care providers have fixed cost, and need to have a steady revenue stream to continue operations. A reduction in the numbers who have insurance due to rising cost would have naturally lowered the price of insurance, not increased it. So what was the story that we told. We were told that if we did nothing that the cost would continue to rise, well that is a lie. Insurance and Health care providers need us to have insurance and would have to reduce the cost to increase the numbers of people partaking of that commodity of health insurance. As we saw after the bill was passed the insurance companies stock rose on that news, because the government has now forced us to have insurance and will fine us if we do not. The real result is that we just bailed out the insurance companies. I would have increased competition , and allowed for more to compete in the insurance market, by increasing competition for both the individual, businesses and a increase in insurance providers the price would have gone down and the need to have big brother takeover would never have been needed. Silly me, I forgot that we own AIG now; It is all beginning to become clear to me now. Corruption is alive and well in Our Big Government. Thanks President Obama

The problem with the progressive argument is that we can be more efficient and care for more through a collective system. That by its pure nature is to weaken the whole, so we can better take care of the individual. I whole heartily disagree. I believe that a strong society is built on a strong individual, and the social benefit of a higher taxation and larger government never appears and will only reduce individual freedom, and take individual choice away and give it to a third party. Yes I will admit that by giving such a high degree in individual freedom, we as a society also accept the fact that individuals will fail. I would argue that the human soul cannot advance if do not let it learn and grow through failure. By having a nanny state mentality we have taken away much of what makes us a human. We have allowed our failures to not affect our lives, and we have allowed our citizens to wallow in mediocrity. We are moving past a French form of Government and toward to a soviet form of governing. I guess we can still have our Vodka, and Bread lines? Well Thank you progressives, you are so smart.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Is there more money out there to tax?

Is there more money out there to tax? It would seem the media and those progressive members of our legislature believe that there is. If you have read my blog you know where I stand on this. The debate that we have not had is the one that questions if we have grown government beyond our ability to pay for it. Our leaders who continue to deny this want to enter into a system of taxation that will follow Those who has not yet been hit with tax increases, this is a policy of greed and envy. Now Mining and property taxes seem to be in the mix. I have lived here in Nevada for over thirty years now, and I am fully aware that mining is an up and down business. Depending on the price of Gold, silver and other mineral goods we have a system of boom and bust in our rural communities. Are we to reduce the boom periods by increasing the cost on these multinational companies? These companies currently have shown us that they are more than willing to close down operations, and wait till it is profitable to harvest the minerals.

Can we afford increases in property tax, with Nevada leading the nation in foreclosures; I think this too is an area that we need to avoid. This state is losing population to California; we have seen the closure of locally owned businesses that have been around for decades. Our ability to bring capitol to grow our economy has taken a big hit. And in this light, our officials want to increase cost and lower the profitability of living and working in this great state. This war on the Nevada tax payer needs to have a spokesman that believes that Government is far too big, too cumbersome and too invasive toward our ability to improve the human condition of its citizens. Again I propose a reduction in all state tax rates, fees, permits, regulatory oversight and policy back to a level that we can operate our lives and find that balance between services and our ability to prosper. The Date I would propose is January 1, 2000. Yes I know that it is over a decade, but I am not saying remove all taxes, just a reduction in all personal, property and business rates and fees. I know that this would initially hurt our tax base even further, yet I believe that capitol, and individuals would quickly begin to prosper and grow again. I want this on the ballot so the people of this state can regain some level of control from our elected officials. We need to again take control of our political process and take away the influence some of our lobbyist now have over the process.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Letter to our Educators, and our Elected officials

Dear Educators and elected officials,

I am sorry that the economic pain we the areas parents have been feeling these last two years have finally hit you. I understand your worries, The parents in your district have also been worried. For our income, savings, and home values have been cut in half. The taxes and fees that you have imposed on us over the last ten years to fund education has taken a greater bite out of our ability to live and flourish. Friends that have operated businesses in the area are closing their doors and neighbors are leaving and returning to California. Many of us that own businesses have had to take second and third part time jobs to help make it. We have had to reduce spending at our own households, and teach our children the difference between wants and needs. Personally my two businesses that I have operated for nearly thirty years have become a hobby without the ability to pay me for nearly two years. Yet for those of us in the private sector, Who have made majors cuts, we cannot support your efforts. I feel that many of you have been sheltered from the effects that many of us find ourselves in. I do not want to cause you any pain, yet if we do not all share in this economic reversal we will have a system of haves and haves not, that for all the political rhetoric, we find the rift growing farther and farther apart.

This is a time to embrace the present, and be in full agreement that the future has not yet been written. The economic health of the present, will to a great degree dictate what that future will hold. I am not in agreement with your position that we need to hold the line on spending and find new tax revenues. The business community is reeling at the moment. we have not yet found a bottom and to continue to place economic pressure on business models that are currently not producing a profit. this belief of yours will only continue to erode our ability to ensure that there will be funding to continue to pay your salaries. Some of you will have to go, for that I am sorry, just as sorry as I was when I had to close economic doors that had paid me for twenty eight years. We have to find a point that we can begin to find a balance, a balance between public services and economic prosperity. Until then we are in a era of economic uncertainty, that will continue to erode our social programs, and trust.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A plan of action

What are we to do as small business people in Nevada, or should I say the country. We are demonized by the far left as blood sucking leaches that pray on society. While the progressive Republicans and Democrats view those of us in the middle class as a necessary evil and develop policy the grease for the wheels with our toil and sweat. What to do, what to do? I believe the solution is rooted in our American history. The balance of powers that our founders looked for is the key. The problem is we are out of balance.

First some things that most people do not understand, Far too many times Government is used by Big business to restrict competition, so when we speak of a free market, we have not had one of those in many years. The lines between market forces and political forces have blurred. The rise in the growth of Government too many times hurts a small business owner from advancing. And the Left needs to think about this. They continue to argue that higher taxes are the solution, but if the systems if set up that has a regressive effect on the bottom end of our economy, any growth will have a negative effect on our economy. You see they need us to prosper so we can buy not only from your neighbors but from them as well. Higher taxes have a disproportionate effect on the people that the far left says it wants to help. I fully understand that people will say that we are throwing out the good with the bad, but we have little choice at the moment.

Therefore, I propose my first solution and that is to repeal and reverse all taxes, fees and regulations to the level we had in June 1, 2000. I believe an initiative on this year’s ballot is required; my reasons are simple, not simplistic. We the People must demand our own Stimulus package and remove it from the hands of our elected officials. Just as business overreached Government too, was caught up in massive growth. Just as business lost focus on cost and profitability so too did government grow without focus on the consequences many of these policies, taxes and fees had on the middle class and our economic liberty? The economy has been forcibly reset. The tree has been shaken and we now live in a new reality, it is time for Government to reset as well, not in a more invasive mode but in a lighter one. Society will only survive if we the individual have the capability to be the first line of defense in the battle of economic liberty. We seem to have leaders that want to weaken the individual to promote the society as a whole. I do not see that logic. By weakening the strong, we do not elevate the weak. The old Soviet Union is a prime example of the consequences of that policy. It did not bring an enlightened class, or a benefit of the whole; it did however bring despair. It lead to an elite class that corrupted the society as a whole, I will not stand for that in this country.

Second, we need to establish a pay as you go system that is combined with a sunset requirement to all laws and regulations put forth from this day forward. This would allow for two important aspects. First it would require an evaluation to taxes, fees and regulations enacted by the legislature that would require a higher degree of self evaluation on job performance. Second it would minimize negative effects of politically motivated issues that have a negative effect on our economy. This is my two step plan, simple and too the point.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Have our elected officials totally rejected Nevada's ability to grow from within

I just saw an interview with Reno's Mayor Cashell. I have met Mayor Bob more than once. He is very likable and jovial. Yet last night in an interview of the pending budget cuts, he mentioned that Reno needed to work with EDAWN to try to bring new business to the state and the city of Reno. I will give him that any help will be beneficial, yet should be not begin with those of us that are still here. Nevada has for the first time lost population, well I know many neighbors that are looking on moving back to California. That above all should tell us how far off we are on public policy. California is bankrupt, and people are choosing to move over the hill for a better way of life. We are over taxed and over regulated. This added time and effort to try to make a living has become too much for many in this area. Our elected officials seem to be willing to continue the policy to build castles rather than help us build towns and cities. We need to tell our elected officials to stop trying to hit a home run and just try to get people on base. Develop who and what we have in this state first, and stop the continuation of a failed policy.