Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why do progressives dislike my idea of lower taxes so much

  As my father always said, follow the money. My approach to revert all taxes regulations and fees back to the levels of the year 2000 goes directly after the money and the power that these individuals in government want to maintain. The issue is that I am going after their power; I am questioning the middle and upper management in the public sector. I have to ask these questions, did we not have teachers in January 2000? Did we not have Police in January 2000? Did we not have Roads, Local and state government, and public services at those tax and fee rates? I believe the answer is yes. What I am going after is all the new ideas, programs and infrastructure that have been put into place with the economic bubble that just collapsed. If we had good ideas I am open to keep and maintain those new services, but we will have to prioritize and lose items that are failing to meet goals. Any attempt to maintain those levels of tax revenues is morally wrong in hard times, and to ask a population to continue to be taxed at that level is unjust and unfair. It places too great a hardship on a far reaching population. I am not against providing basic services, but we will have to begin to realize the limits of government in a free society. Progressives see a strong central government, this is the main reason our forefathers left Europe. Whether it was a king or a dictator, centralized power delivers the potential for great tragedies. Power corrupts; I stand for giving more power to you, the individual.

So to those those are preaching that I am against education, police, fire or the poor. I say wrong, I am going after your power and wanting to give it back to the people. For those of you that are control freaks, you need to get a hobby. There are better ways of providing services that share responsibilities, and total control at the state or local levels is not the answer. A strong community starts with strong individuals.

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