Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jobs and tax cuts, why it is the cure

Jobs and tax cuts, I get the progressive, Liberal talking points. Business is bad, and needs to be taxed and regulated so as to make the workers have a fair safe place to work. Well who is going to hire if it is no longer profitable to take the risk? If we continue to use government regulations in a punitive way, who in their right mind would take the risk, the answer is all around us, Nobody. Jobs are not being formed because we have people who would take a risk and start or build their business but the rewards are not there. We have local government using its regulatory power to squeeze out any and all money to those who are trying to expand, build or grow. This has to stop. I have a neighbor who is building a new veterinary clinic, the fees that he is now being asked for is unreasonable from building, fire etc. I have another neighbor who bought land up in cold springs to build a convenient store, well after the government wanted $150,000 for a traffic study; it no longer makes any sense to put up a tent let alone a store that would hire people. We need smaller government and we need to get these people out of the way if we are to ever grow again.

To create jobs we have to allow people to profit from taking risk. Big Government can do one thing, it can increase cost, it can extend the time to get permits, it can place road blocks to growth, it can make a business model that was once profitable non profitable. I am sorry to all the progressives out there, but you are so wrong in this climate. It is time again for you to sit down and let us get back to work.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Arizona issue, does it relate in Nevada

The Short answer is yes. Does Arizona have the right to enforce immigration law? Technically this is a federal issue, but the federal government is doing very little to help out the states on this issue. So in the reality that the federal government is not doing its job, the State has not only the right but the public responsibility to take over. From my reading of the bill it is a watered down version of the federal law. yes I said watered down, So for those who are afraid of racial profiling this law has some protected language in it, to protect our liberties.  As every American I am against profiling, we are all after all descendants of immigrants. My mother came from Canada, and it took her years to become a citizen and to this day it is one of the proudest days of her life. I support the citizens od Arizona, and I am in favor of Arizona's law. We have to bring order to Chaos; this is not only justifiable but necessary.

I am not anti Hispanic, in any way shape or form. But we need to bring order to this situation. Amnesty is not the answer. We have to reinforce these ideas:

• Know who is coming into our country

• Have them medically checked out

• Have them understand the laws and the rules of living in our society

• Understand our history

• Understand our language

• Understand the rules to become a citizen

This is not about ethnic purity, and American's are not against people coming here to better their lives. But to ignore this issue is national suicide. The open border crowd and the global government crowd are way off base here. If we continue to follow these individuals we will lose much of our liberties.We have people in La Raza that are openly speaking of a Hispanic revolution and retaking the west, We have to seek these people out and call them out on there behavior. I guess they did not like the millions the united states paid mexico for the land after beating them in the mexican american war. We won we really did not need to pay for the land yet we did. We have hate speech coming from certain sectors of these illegal immigrants that will only lead to racial tensions, and civil unrest. So for those who are standing against the states right to protect themselves I cannot disagree more.

The Illegal’s unwillingness to learn of American history, the unwillingness to learn the language, and the abuse of our services and the lowering of the standard of living has reached a boiling point. If it is about coming here to work and send money home them we have work Visas, if it is about Mexico’s is getting rid of the unwanted people (Northern Mexicans) who the People in Mexico City view as racially impure. The United States is being used by Mexico as its human landfill and this must stop. The problem is with Mexico, and the corruption, and the Mexican economy is in shambles. We cannot maintain our standard of living and lower ourselves to Mexico’s level and still hold true to what America stands for.

Arizona has the right to enforce its laws; Nevada has the right to enforce its laws. Get over the racial crap. I am not feeling guilty about this is any way shape or form. If we do nothing this will develop into a war, it has already developed into a war of words.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why do progressives dislike my idea of lower taxes so much

  As my father always said, follow the money. My approach to revert all taxes regulations and fees back to the levels of the year 2000 goes directly after the money and the power that these individuals in government want to maintain. The issue is that I am going after their power; I am questioning the middle and upper management in the public sector. I have to ask these questions, did we not have teachers in January 2000? Did we not have Police in January 2000? Did we not have Roads, Local and state government, and public services at those tax and fee rates? I believe the answer is yes. What I am going after is all the new ideas, programs and infrastructure that have been put into place with the economic bubble that just collapsed. If we had good ideas I am open to keep and maintain those new services, but we will have to prioritize and lose items that are failing to meet goals. Any attempt to maintain those levels of tax revenues is morally wrong in hard times, and to ask a population to continue to be taxed at that level is unjust and unfair. It places too great a hardship on a far reaching population. I am not against providing basic services, but we will have to begin to realize the limits of government in a free society. Progressives see a strong central government, this is the main reason our forefathers left Europe. Whether it was a king or a dictator, centralized power delivers the potential for great tragedies. Power corrupts; I stand for giving more power to you, the individual.

So to those those are preaching that I am against education, police, fire or the poor. I say wrong, I am going after your power and wanting to give it back to the people. For those of you that are control freaks, you need to get a hobby. There are better ways of providing services that share responsibilities, and total control at the state or local levels is not the answer. A strong community starts with strong individuals.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Do we continue to elect people the old way or do we go in a new dirtection

I have political race ahead of me, with four other men who I believe are all upstanding individuals. Some of us are small to medium size business owners; one is a public defender, lobbyist and a leader of the young republicans. All of us are active and care for the future of this state, and our community. Some of us are older some are younger. Some have been endorsed by the old guard and some by the new guard. Whoever the voters elect I believe this will be more on personality since we all have a similar message. We Republicans will need help to take back a position of bargaining needing to win a numbers game in Carson. Las Vegas is still a strong Democratic foothold on the electorate. So electing someone who has the power to persuade, to teach the other side the cause and affect much of this talk of new taxes will have on our community. I have personally had some experience and some success in this area concerning the gross receipts battle of 2002-2003. I had to teach school basically down in Carson and teach the Rino’s and Democratic leaders that to tax the gross of a business activity without taking in the economies of scale was not only a unfair tax structure but would have a drastically negative effect on a small businesses ability to grow and prosper. That fight will need to be won again with a counter attack on repealing the 700 million in new spending. I believe that I have the skills to win this war that is coming. I am not a pawn of big business and my personal business experience is broad enough to have a far reaching impact on the debate. I have personally seen the negative effects that a well intention public policy can have on small business and again we are in a battle over creating jobs. I have the message and the tools to see this thing through.

For as I see this it is the effects of that 700 million in new spending and corresponding tax and fee package that we are all feeling today, will need to be repealed. This fight will take some talent to win. The economic activity that we based that spending is long gone, combined with the devaluation in our homes has us all tightening our belts. This is because of a tone of doubt that we all have that is coming out of our federal and state governments. We see cost rising and services being cut. We see the effects that it is having on our local businesses and the effect that it has had on the job market. Many of us, me included are struggling with having to find other work because the revenue has dried up. We are in a fight with some of our leaders focusing on tomorrow, when we are focusing on the here and now. I will admit that this down turn has hit some more than others. The effects not all equal, But, Do we continue the attack on what is still working or begin to build from there. I am against taxing the mines and other businesses just because they have not been hit as hard. Well at some point we have to figure out what is still working in this society and fix what is not. That is where we are, and hard decisions are at hand. Who we elect will need to deal with these issues, not for some personal glory issue but because it is what is right. That is what the voters will have to choose from. What person can best lead us out of this mess; we need new blood and a willing person to wage this fight.