Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jobs and tax cuts, why it is the cure

Jobs and tax cuts, I get the progressive, Liberal talking points. Business is bad, and needs to be taxed and regulated so as to make the workers have a fair safe place to work. Well who is going to hire if it is no longer profitable to take the risk? If we continue to use government regulations in a punitive way, who in their right mind would take the risk, the answer is all around us, Nobody. Jobs are not being formed because we have people who would take a risk and start or build their business but the rewards are not there. We have local government using its regulatory power to squeeze out any and all money to those who are trying to expand, build or grow. This has to stop. I have a neighbor who is building a new veterinary clinic, the fees that he is now being asked for is unreasonable from building, fire etc. I have another neighbor who bought land up in cold springs to build a convenient store, well after the government wanted $150,000 for a traffic study; it no longer makes any sense to put up a tent let alone a store that would hire people. We need smaller government and we need to get these people out of the way if we are to ever grow again.

To create jobs we have to allow people to profit from taking risk. Big Government can do one thing, it can increase cost, it can extend the time to get permits, it can place road blocks to growth, it can make a business model that was once profitable non profitable. I am sorry to all the progressives out there, but you are so wrong in this climate. It is time again for you to sit down and let us get back to work.

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