Friday, October 15, 2010

The battle over taxes and services

How much can we afford, and at what price? We are suffering from a downward push on our salaries, equity and our personal wealth. Whether you are a business owner or an employee we are in this together. How do we build jobs? Well the answer is simple, but the pain will be felt by all. We have to help individual business owners regain profitability, not just the large businesses but all. Small business has far too often been played by both the government and big business to restrict competition and increase the cost of operation, all to garner new taxes. The burden of tax and fees on small business is the straw has broken the camel’s back. We are at a cross roads, our actions in the next six months will determine if we turn this around or do we continue to erode into a chaotic economy.

Small business in Nevada, employ 86% of all persons employed in Nevada. These small business operations are comprised of companies of 20 people or less. Why then do we listen to far too great an extent the IGT's and the Casino lobby? Again Capitol is less available. We need to change the idea that we need to hit a home run and bring in big business. Let’s just get people on base. Just look at the SF Giants, they got rid of their home run hitter and now made the playoffs. We need to reduce cost, reduce taxes, and reduce fees on that 86% of employers in this state. The Pain is a reduction in State employees, for that I regret that individuals will feel pain. But we have to look at where we are, and that position is one of weakness. If we do nothing, businesses will continue to falter. If we only reduce cost slightly, we will continue to have an extended period of pain. Governments will continue to reduce hours, and employees due to the business climate that has continued to put economic strain on small business. We need drastic measures to reduce the cost of doing business. As capitol begins to become available, businesses will start to invest, and hire. We have to allow these risk takers that chance to make money. If we take away all the uncertainty and allow this to happen it is the first step to recovery.

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