Tuesday, October 26, 2010

economic Plan of action

We all have lost capitol, we have all had to reduce our spending habits and we have all we have had to limit what we can do daily. This is not only a personal problem; it is a business and state issue as well. We have a mortgage default crisis, and we have business property that will soon come under mortgage default as well. We can only grow out of this mess in a planned, methodical way. We have to have a solid reason for our action so everyone will be on board. I have two major goals; first we have to regain increased discretionary spending. This is the short term fix, and I believe this can only be done by reducing cost for everyone. Second we have to heal the economic condition to not only grow the current business climate but to diversify our economy, this means an intentional movement away from being solely focused on gaming issues tourism and gaming. Not abandon those two industries but to lessen our exposure to the ebbs and flows of the economic impact we face when we have a far too narrow economy and tax base. Any sane individual will think twice before investing, or taking a risk on a new business venture. We have to look at other segments of our economy and heal our economy from the bottom up not the top down. The lack of capitol is the key, big items will have to be put on the back burner, and we need to look at our economy here and now. We currently have a service based economy and we have far too many use fees that is constraining our current economic condition, for too many small operations. 86% of our employed here in the state are working for companies of 20 employees or less, we have to change how we govern. How then are we to get out of this mess?

Here is my short list:

For General population, the Mortgage crisis issue help increase disposable income to stabilize our current condition. Goal to increase discretionary spending, short term fix to take economic stress off our population.

• Allow all homeowners the choice of paying interest only for a two year period.

• Lower all Power, telephone, sales tax and water fees by half.

• Reduce the cost of higher education to $150.00 a unit.

• Open up health care to allow for more carriers to come into market.

For Businesses,

• Reduce employee taxes.

• Reduce business taxes to levels on 2000.

• Reduce taxes on power, telephone, Sales, and water fees by half.

• Allow businesses owners a two years period of paying interest only on mortgages.

• Open up health care to allow for more carriers to come into market.

• Reduce all compliance issues, regulations, fees, permits to same levels of 2000.

• Repeal the Nevada clean air act. (To help stabilize local bar, C Store and supermarkets)

• Reduce gaming taxes by half. (To help stabilize gaming industry)

The Leaders in our government see the need for services and continue to push for new spending. But is that a long term goal we can live with? I am not so sure. We cannot continue to raise fees and taxes that result in a lower business activity. We have to enable those who can work, the incentive to go out and work and benefit from that work. With a lack of Capitol can we afford to take on more debt without it effecting future growth? I say no. Many on the left think that in our economy we are only trading from one to another, many on the left do not understand that we can grow and build new items that will expand our economy.

The issue that I have with our leadership in both parties is that they have forgotten that we can build things. It would appear that the issues of environmental concerns have put that option off the table. We have increased the cost of manufacturing and have forced much of our manufacturing off shore. I believe that we can build again and that we can reduce cost and still be cleaner that in the past. We have to diversify, and that means manufacturing, that also means we need to lower operation cost. We need to increased power plants to diversify our energy needs and lower our rates. We can continue with clean energy but we also need to build what has worked in the past. Clean coal is a viable option; we cannot afford to deny that the BTU factor of burning coal works. Many of these items have been front line issues of the far left. I am not a far right or left person, I am very aware that our current condition cannot continue, we are eroding our future and we have to grow out of this condition. We can grow and be cleaner than the past, but we have to allow ourselves the chance and ability to grow and diversify.

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