Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Disconnect of the entrenched political class

Politically and economically where are we today? And can we grow from here? Two good questions, I am not sure we have a chance of getting to the answers, with our present leadership. The dust has settled after the November 2nd elections, but what does it tell us. The far left Socialist in Washington, feel that we do not understand the future America that they have promised. The far right progressives feel that the tea party was just a blip on the radar. These are not good signs for the rest of us.

I have looked at what these two extremes are telling us. The far left is playing a dangerous game of using race, creed and the economic underclass and pitting the rest of us as the enemy. The far right progressives are protecting their interest and consolidating power where they can. And the vast majority of us are in the middle, viewed by both sides with contempt.

The Tea party was a voice of reason, smaller government and less cost on us. It was an argument of placing more control further down the economic chain, giving us more options. The problem is that the options are getting smaller as I write this comment. The Federal Reserve just broke their promise and monetized the debt to the tune of 600 billion with a promise of another 250 billion in a few months. That is close to a Trillion dollars in monetization of a debt that will cause stagflation and a commodities crisis of staggering proportions. The Federal Reserve just monetized 600 billion in Debt which has in essence decreased the value of our Dollar by 20%. That will cause the price of food; energy and the cost of living up for all of us when we can least afford it. This is a revisiting of stagflation of the 1970's but on steroids. For the amounts that we are talking about now are far greater than we had back then.

The actions of the middle here is going to move this debate, either in a positive way or one that I do not want to even think about. The country may not withstand these effects, and I could see the destruction of our system of government. The states may have to question the union and break away from the policies of Washington. These are scenarios that are not easy to think about, but we may have to go down that road if thing do not change. I am not pushing for a civil war, I am telling you of the potential we face and the level of unrest that the actions of a few have created. History tells us how Man has reacted in these times; we have a choice facing us. We need to have clear headed leaders, for these times that are now facing us. The next few months are going to test the beliefs of every Man and Woman in our society. If we pit one against the other we will have violence, those leaders that pit different groups in our society as the enemy need to be rebutted at every turn. For we will need all of us to get out of this hole, that a few have caused.

The current act of monetizing the debt by our leadership is sending us down an economic road that will create a chaotic social condition and cause all of us much pain. If the level of this effect is not evenly spread out in our society, and the government does not actively react to help the disposable income crisis that we are going to face. We will be in for serious trouble. And those seeking power will need to be scrutinized even more. We cannot continue to allow the a press who approaches news on a one sided opinion, as the norm. the debate will get very heated, It needs to. all options need to be on the table, and we must all know the options.

We are going to be pushed; we are going to have to move. The direction of movement is ours to determine.

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