Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why our political leaders cannot see the need to find a economic balance point

Why is there such a difference in opinions coming from our political leaders and the vast majority of the population? Our leaders tend to think that only they can act in this economic downturn, and that they alone have the answer. They will gather their supporters, meet and have advisory boards and come up with ideas that a limited number of people are privy to. What is lost on many of them is that all they can do is restrict, and increase the cost on individuals by acting. Unless our leaders see the light and begin to reduce cost o its citizens, by reducing regulations, fees, and compliance cost on individuals and small business. Here in Nevada 86% of the businesses have 20 or fewer employees. That is right 86%. These individuals and small business owners are in real pain at the moment. They have lost capitol; they have lost equity and are in a situation that is giving them fewer and fewer possibilities to grow their way out of this mess. Banks are not lending and if they would be able to borrow, the amount available to them is much smaller than 2 years ago. Returns on investments are much smaller in a market that has been reduced to the levels that we now face.

The Tea party folks have been demanding lower taxes, smaller government, which is in direct opposition from our leader’s stance that only they have the answers. This is a direct threat, and why our leaders are so worried. They should be, the movement to take power away from them is rising again, and they have lost the moral authority to lead. respect is not given it is earned, and what is lost to many of our leaders is that the vast number of our population have hopes, dream and the ability to take care of their own issues. The problem arises when government begins to overreach and try to socially engineer our options and our behavior.

I regret that we find ourselves at this crossroad, but here we are. The pain will be felt by many; the length of time that the pain will be felt is up to our leaders. If they follow the road to recovery they will reduce cost on us. If they continue to believe that they can design a better way the pain will last much longer.

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