Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How do we create jobs and a stable tax base, my solution.

My opponents, in my opinion are all good decent people. They have all promised to fight any new taxes. I believe we are on the same page on this topic, yet I believe it goes further than that. For Nevada to create jobs and tax revenue we need to reduce the taxes, fee and regulations that have been put in during the last ten years of the government bubble. You see what has been missing in this debate is the fact that government grew along with the housing, financial and banking bubbles. Well it is clear that those bubbles were based on money that was not really there. How then can we then justify the maintaining of taxes that government has put in place over the last decade? My Goal is a simple one, we have to increase capitol not only in the business community but at the individual level as well, That means all these fees that our state has put into place, from drivers license, fishing electricity, water and others need to be reversed if not removed. We are all struggling; we will not be able to grow again until we can find a place that is not continuing to put stress on our individuals and our families. We have to have a tax holiday and a real look at what has been put in place during this bubble. I stand for lower taxes, along with fighting new ones. Nevadans can no longer afford to pay a dollar of tax revenue and get five cents of benefit. We need to strongly look at what and how our government spends our tax money. I regret that some will lose government jobs, but either we create an atmosphere that again builds the private sector and creates more than just government jobs. Or we will continue down this road where we are all at the beck and call of Government for all of our needs. I will continue to fight for the individual and lower cost for all, not just continue the game of politics that we currently have.

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