Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Can we continue without being civil toward each other

To anyone who has read what I believe, you might agree or you might disagree. You still have that right, for I am tolerant of others and are willing to listen and maybe just learn from others. Yet I am finding that the rift between the Far Left and Far Right is growing. The problem is that we are no longer tolerant of each other and that truly scares me. We seem incapable of having a civil discussion without it becoming personal. This has happen before and has never had a good ending. I believe this next election will be on the person and not who that person knows. I believe that we need to elect someone who can talk to both sides, for I believe that the truth is not being given a chance to be heard. I believe we need to truly discuss these topics during this election. We can no longer elect someone who has the right look, or drives the right car, or has the right endorsements. This is going to get ugly, we need to look at everyone and pick the person who has the ability to get both sides to the table and find common ground. These are the topics I believe in, that would have the maximum benefit to all Nevadans.

• Government's growth during the bubble cannot be sustained; I propose downsizing government back to the levels of January 1, 2000. Radical I know, but we need to give everyone a chance to regroup, and we need to find a balance where everyone had a chance to breathe economically.

• The taxes, fees and regulations that have been put in place over the last ten years, are stifling any economic growth due to the reduction in economic activity. The realization is that the rates have not gone down, but economic activity and profit margins have. Nevada needs to go back and cut programs, policies, taxes and fees that have hurt our economic condition.

• With the real potential of further increases from our nation’s capitol, such as a national sales tax, cap in trade, and higher energy cost. Nevada needs to separate itself from the current big government mentality and give business, both large and small hope that its business models will find profitability in Nevada. This alone will help stabilize our economy by giving people from across the nation a safe haven to move to. this will stabilize our housing and business community

• Jobs can only be created by all of us building capitol. With all of us having lost equity in our homes, and many of us being upside down on our mortgages. Not only our neighbors but our locally owned businesses are trying to survive right now. Nevadans can no longer view that capitol can only be built from outside this state. Lower cost on all of us will help the average Nevadan survive this economic downturn.

This is my stance, this is what I believe. I am not only offering lower cost to the biggest companies, but to everyone. I regret that some in state government will lose their jobs, but I would rather them have a vibrant economy so they would have job choices, than the stagnant economy that we find ourselves in presently. I am not doing away with taxes, just lowering them to a place we all can start moving forward again. For to have a stable economy in Nevada we need to have all of us share in this next growth cycle. If we continue to grow government we will have only a limited few enjoy the next harvest from this economy. I will not stand for that. I am willing to give my life, my name and my fortune in this endeavor.

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