Monday, April 26, 2010

How do we pay for services while lowering taxes, the answer is simple.

I have had many tell me, “sounds great but how do we continue to fund services”. Well, first I am not saying stop all services, I have said reverse taxes, fee and regulations to January 1, 2000. This alone would give a boost to jobs creation and capitol growth, at the individual, the family and small business level. This will also go a long way in reducing the personal pain and economic pressure that we are all feeling. With the Lost of capitol locally and nationally we have to begin to heal from the bottom up. Ten years of growth in Nevada government, needs to be looked at and studied. We need to see what benefits and at what cost these programs had over that time, at both the individual and business development level. What effects it had on small business generation and growth, I would say has increased cost, and slowed down much of what small business can do. The population has grown since and there will be a need to maintain or raise some additional funds, but we need to have a priority of cutting what taxes, fees and regulations that have slowed our economic potential. I contend that when the economy begins to grow again some additional funds will come back with a increase in economic activity. So if we reduce cost and build income we will go a long way toward an economic recovery. There will still be a call from some to maintain some of the programs that we have put into service; we still have a Medicare, and Medical issue looming and a population that is aging. The two easiest and hardest ways to raise money are Yucca Mountain and the Federal land issue in Nevada.

• We have had Harry Reid spout that Yucca is dead, but after spending 20 billion on the project we need to really think about this. The waist will become a commodity at some point, as education determines how to develop energy out of the nuclear rods and once the byproduct becomes benign Nevada can profit from this. Whether it would be like Alaska residents getting a check every month. Nevada could also realize an untapped revenue source that could fund basic services and our schools.

• Second is the federal ownership of 87% of the State lands and Airspace. I know that we tried to have a Sagebrush Rebellion in the 1970's but Nevada can no longer be asked to continue to bear the burden of all these unfunded mandates coming from Washington and not demand what is right for our citizens of this state. The potential property tax revenue, from private ownership, would take care of much of our woes.

Much of what I have stated is not rebellious in nature; much of it has been forced upon us. Nevada has had a long history of making hard decisions. When left with little choices we have to make the hard choices. We as a State have been put in a corner, either we take a fall or come out fighting. We need to take the initiative here and stand up for what is right, not only for our children but for our State. I would appreciate your vote on June 8th.

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