Thursday, January 7, 2010

A plan of action

What are we to do as small business people in Nevada, or should I say the country. We are demonized by the far left as blood sucking leaches that pray on society. While the progressive Republicans and Democrats view those of us in the middle class as a necessary evil and develop policy the grease for the wheels with our toil and sweat. What to do, what to do? I believe the solution is rooted in our American history. The balance of powers that our founders looked for is the key. The problem is we are out of balance.

First some things that most people do not understand, Far too many times Government is used by Big business to restrict competition, so when we speak of a free market, we have not had one of those in many years. The lines between market forces and political forces have blurred. The rise in the growth of Government too many times hurts a small business owner from advancing. And the Left needs to think about this. They continue to argue that higher taxes are the solution, but if the systems if set up that has a regressive effect on the bottom end of our economy, any growth will have a negative effect on our economy. You see they need us to prosper so we can buy not only from your neighbors but from them as well. Higher taxes have a disproportionate effect on the people that the far left says it wants to help. I fully understand that people will say that we are throwing out the good with the bad, but we have little choice at the moment.

Therefore, I propose my first solution and that is to repeal and reverse all taxes, fees and regulations to the level we had in June 1, 2000. I believe an initiative on this year’s ballot is required; my reasons are simple, not simplistic. We the People must demand our own Stimulus package and remove it from the hands of our elected officials. Just as business overreached Government too, was caught up in massive growth. Just as business lost focus on cost and profitability so too did government grow without focus on the consequences many of these policies, taxes and fees had on the middle class and our economic liberty? The economy has been forcibly reset. The tree has been shaken and we now live in a new reality, it is time for Government to reset as well, not in a more invasive mode but in a lighter one. Society will only survive if we the individual have the capability to be the first line of defense in the battle of economic liberty. We seem to have leaders that want to weaken the individual to promote the society as a whole. I do not see that logic. By weakening the strong, we do not elevate the weak. The old Soviet Union is a prime example of the consequences of that policy. It did not bring an enlightened class, or a benefit of the whole; it did however bring despair. It lead to an elite class that corrupted the society as a whole, I will not stand for that in this country.

Second, we need to establish a pay as you go system that is combined with a sunset requirement to all laws and regulations put forth from this day forward. This would allow for two important aspects. First it would require an evaluation to taxes, fees and regulations enacted by the legislature that would require a higher degree of self evaluation on job performance. Second it would minimize negative effects of politically motivated issues that have a negative effect on our economy. This is my two step plan, simple and too the point.

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