Monday, January 4, 2010

Have our elected officials totally rejected Nevada's ability to grow from within

I just saw an interview with Reno's Mayor Cashell. I have met Mayor Bob more than once. He is very likable and jovial. Yet last night in an interview of the pending budget cuts, he mentioned that Reno needed to work with EDAWN to try to bring new business to the state and the city of Reno. I will give him that any help will be beneficial, yet should be not begin with those of us that are still here. Nevada has for the first time lost population, well I know many neighbors that are looking on moving back to California. That above all should tell us how far off we are on public policy. California is bankrupt, and people are choosing to move over the hill for a better way of life. We are over taxed and over regulated. This added time and effort to try to make a living has become too much for many in this area. Our elected officials seem to be willing to continue the policy to build castles rather than help us build towns and cities. We need to tell our elected officials to stop trying to hit a home run and just try to get people on base. Develop who and what we have in this state first, and stop the continuation of a failed policy.

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