Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Rights of Man, Does not come from Government, Any recovery will start with the individuals ability to grow their own economic liberty.

I remember my father telling me not to talk politics or religion. Well those days are long gone. We seem to have everyone wanting to put there opinions into public policy This can only bring confusion to public regulation and bring injustice to the Small business climate. I awaken to this around the time of the 9/11 attacks. Whether it was the growth in government from the Republicans to the recent explosion of government control from the Democrats. We seem to have lost much of what America had stood for. Our Liberties have been removed for some common good that is still undefined. The Social justice crowd is in full gear, and The Business climate is being demonized. After all, we are the ones that work for a living, delivering jobs and building careers to the people of this state, and asking little from our government. The Government promises jobs, not careers. And we now have politicians that do not understand that main difference. Outside of using public education, and maintaining roads, I have not asked one thing from my government in my fifty years of life. For all the good (Tax Revenue, and reduced Social Services) that we give to the state, we are ridiculed by our leaders and taxed to death. Our Own Majority Leader Barbra Buckley said that she refused to cut 40% although our revenues are down that much. We the small business community have had to make those hard decisions, our leaders refuse to make those choices and demand more from us. Not Once have they thought that they may have overreached, a Small business who overreaches and does not change goes away very quickly. Our political leadership is not leading, they are however cowards. They say that we are simpletons, and are just that greedy no new tax crowd. I am not that simple, I demand a reduction in taxes for the main reason that I am more responsible to my needs than Government. the rights of man over Government is imperative in these times we find ourselves.

Small business is the justice mechanism in this society. We allow individuals to grow to there potential, not Government programs. Small business removes people from the social welfare rolls, We are the ones responsible for the whole talk of the need for small government. Yes to some we are the devil itself. The Social justice crowd is grabbing up important parts of our economy and taking control away from us as individuals, and yet we are demonized. Opportunity is being taken away from us in such large amounts I truly fear for the future. For with all the power grabs that government has put into place in recent months, I can only give a few examples of Government returning programs to the private sector. For the most part Governemnt programs tend to grow in a climate of a big bureaucracy,Responsiveness and justice they cannot promise. We have leaders that promise change, but at the cost of our individual liberties.

Now we have our political leaders wanting to take control of the insurance industry. This is another power grab that we cannot stand for. We seem to be headed down a road that can only have two possible outcomes, and both scare me. Either we move into a collective society that resembles a Borg collective that comes straight out of a Star Trek series, or the real potential of a civil war. There is a scene from the mini series "Band of Brothers" that should be stamped on the heads of our elected officials, the statement is never put your self in a position to take from your men. this is a important part of leadership, our leaders do not understand that philosophy, their only policy is to take from us. I am not professing violence in any way or of any kind. I would hope that we can avoid these two real potential outcomes through a civil discourse. But that would mean that we can talk and find common ground, and yes compromise. unfortunately I do not see that discourse coming from the leaders that we now have, As I stated in the beginning of this blog, We have our elected officials that are not holding town meetings on health care reform, to ovoid confrontation. Our Senators to our Representatives in congress, are being engaged in ways that they have not been engaged in recent town hall meetings. Our Nevada elected official are hiding under their desks, our with friendly crowds. This is a result of our government listening to special interest instead of the common persons in their districts. The President and the press seem to want to devalue these actions by the common person.This will only put a father wedge between us. Holding public forums without allowing a debate is wrong at this time. We need to do the complete opposite. we need our State Representatives to reverse there actions and lead. the art of the debate and the willingness to hear opposing views in a civil way needs to be exhibited. I am still waiting.

The State of Nevada is not able at this time to handle any new taxation proposals. the ones that we have currently on the books have destroyed our current economic condition. The Higher taxes proposals coming from Washington and our own state capitol are quickening a economic destruction of the middle class. We need lower taxes,and reducing regulatory oversight at the lower levels to empower the individual, to hasten the recovery. We need these items now to give our society the ability to live, and succeed. The Rights of man does not come from Government, and our recovery starts with the individual, not bigger Government. The Battle is now underway.

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