Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Do you feel the stimulus? The Clock is running

First off Let me acknowledge that I fully understand lag time and its cause and effect in the economy. The problem as I see it is we have grown government, to a point that it by itself is inhibiting our recovery, especially at the lower end. Government has begun to feel the hit from lower tax revenues, they have begun to reduce staff, but they have not reduced regulatory policy. All this has done is to increase cost and the time needed to develop new businesses ventures, and has hurt our ability to recover. Here in Nevada we have hit 12% unemployment. The difference between the public and private sectors are that the private sector is much quicker to change when change is needed. Some of us have had to make hard decisions, and believe me it is not easy working for no pay and taking on another job to make ends meet. We have all lost the same property values, and retirement that everyone in the state has felt. Small business wants to pay taxes, we just want the opportunity to benefit from the risk that we take. There is nothing wrong with this it is human nature.
The public sector from the federal and state governments have only added time and money to the recovery process. the solutions thatthe public sector continue to inject bring with them higher cost at our bottom lines through higher taxes, new fees, new regulations, are the wrong answer. The potential for higher energy cost and the potential for health care takeover, continues to put those of us that take the risk to invest on the sidelines. Even as these policies have been brought forth with good intentions, the Slow implementation and the effects of increasing the cost of doing business have been devastating to our economy and the business environment. Nevada now ranks 47 out of 50 states for a positive climate for doing business. this has not been done overnight, it started back in 2002 when our government put into place the highest tax increase in our history, up until this last legislative session, when it past the old mark.

Small business needs a shot in the arm now. we need a tax and regulatory holiday to speed up this recovery. Yes I mean not only a employment tax and business tax Holiday but also a regulatory holiday. much of government purpose is to delay, investigate and control much of what small business does.I do not believe that we can afford these regulatory delays any more. Where I differ from some in the public sector is that for the most part I believe people will do the right thing, thus needs only a guiding sort of oversight. especially at the lower ends of the economy. too many times government regulatory practice inhibits, or restricts small business from growing and changing to compete with the larger businesses. This is wrong in my opinion, and needs to be changed. I strongly believe that big business controls the implementation of the government regulatory process, and to balance this effect we need to have a policy safeguard against Government restricting market forces. I strongly believe that we need a checks and balance system to limit government control at the lower end and allow people to grow. This is the only way to insure that a sense of justice and fairness returns in these tough economic times.

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