Monday, March 8, 2010

Is there more money out there to tax?

Is there more money out there to tax? It would seem the media and those progressive members of our legislature believe that there is. If you have read my blog you know where I stand on this. The debate that we have not had is the one that questions if we have grown government beyond our ability to pay for it. Our leaders who continue to deny this want to enter into a system of taxation that will follow Those who has not yet been hit with tax increases, this is a policy of greed and envy. Now Mining and property taxes seem to be in the mix. I have lived here in Nevada for over thirty years now, and I am fully aware that mining is an up and down business. Depending on the price of Gold, silver and other mineral goods we have a system of boom and bust in our rural communities. Are we to reduce the boom periods by increasing the cost on these multinational companies? These companies currently have shown us that they are more than willing to close down operations, and wait till it is profitable to harvest the minerals.

Can we afford increases in property tax, with Nevada leading the nation in foreclosures; I think this too is an area that we need to avoid. This state is losing population to California; we have seen the closure of locally owned businesses that have been around for decades. Our ability to bring capitol to grow our economy has taken a big hit. And in this light, our officials want to increase cost and lower the profitability of living and working in this great state. This war on the Nevada tax payer needs to have a spokesman that believes that Government is far too big, too cumbersome and too invasive toward our ability to improve the human condition of its citizens. Again I propose a reduction in all state tax rates, fees, permits, regulatory oversight and policy back to a level that we can operate our lives and find that balance between services and our ability to prosper. The Date I would propose is January 1, 2000. Yes I know that it is over a decade, but I am not saying remove all taxes, just a reduction in all personal, property and business rates and fees. I know that this would initially hurt our tax base even further, yet I believe that capitol, and individuals would quickly begin to prosper and grow again. I want this on the ballot so the people of this state can regain some level of control from our elected officials. We need to again take control of our political process and take away the influence some of our lobbyist now have over the process.

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