Friday, April 22, 2011

Can nevada continue down this road?

Can we continue down this socialist road we are on? Can we continue to regulate and tax the way that we do? Is this what America, or for that matter the state of Nevada have become? We have been lead by our political leaders to become a divided people. We have been lead away from a system of checks and balance to a system that regulates through a central authority. Recourse for grievances moves further away from the common man and woman. We have leaders on both sides, playing the middle, and playing the common man and woman against each other. Ideas from the big cities have taken precedent over the needs of the rural area. Political policy has been corrupted and no longer is being driven by the needs of the common man, but by the political elite. Critical thinking seems to be downplayed and blind faith has taken root. Intolerance is the rule of the day. This must stop. Or our nation and our state will faultier.

Moody's is downgrading our state and claiming that we are headed for real trouble. People are leaving the state, and instead of using the inventory of homes in Vegas, they continue to build new homes while huge sloths of real estate are being left to decay. We can and we must do better, but better for whom? It would seem that we are not only a divided nation but a divided state as well. We have the political elite of Las Vegas running state policy. Union concerns are taking precedent over small business concerns and the rural areas are being ransacked for water and other needs that Vegas has. Education has seen growth in funding that has outpaced inflation like it was standing still. Yet we still have politicians say that we need to funnel more toward education. I agree we need an educated workforce but at what cost. We seem to have a select few benefiting from this and the fact that we export much of our educated workforce out of state, this simple fact is not lost on me.

So to have a President continue to push the idea of collective sacrifice, and will not justify his spending. I for one say I no longer give you that license over me. You can only convince me of collective sacrifice if there is a collective benefit. President Obama told us that he wishes to increase the cost of energy on all of us. That weakens the lower and middle classes ability to save and prosper. His Federal reserve is increasing our cost of borrowing money and his federal government is reducing the amounts of money we have access to borrow. Everything that comes out of his mouth is directed to weaken our country and the individual not strengthen either of them.

Nationally we have a federal reserve system that is destroying the Dollar, and seems to want the destruction of our currency and monetary system. Nevada had better prepare for some real change, and I do not believe it will be pleasant. I hope I am wrong but from where I am sitting we are being played and we need real leadership to prepare us for this change. We need small business to flourish; we need to have the lowest of us be as strong as possible. This can only be done by helping us find some solid ground. This cannot be done as we have seen government operate of late. We have to have it enable us and not regulate us. We need to regain a higher level of agriculture to feed us. Nevada and the Nation both need to build its manufacturing capabilities but this can only be accomplished if the Federal and State EPA both sit down and rethink its goals. The EPA also needs to allow all of us to go after the ore and natural resources that we have underneath us. Red tap needs to be removed and we need to get back to work. The cost of doing business is going to go through the roof, and the states, counties and the cities cannot continue to regulate and protect the few big industries at the expense of the common Nevadan. This is not only about taxes and regulations but Time is also money, by lengthening the time it take to get a project up and running many business models will fail. All of what our government officials have used to justify their jobs will and must come into question. From changing our Zoning laws to lowering our utility rates. We have to lower the cost of living and increase everyone’s ability to prosper. We can no longer regulate to protect the casino industry, which the unions will be hard pressed to go along with. But for all of us to move into this new era that our federal reserve system and the president of our once great nation seems to be pressing upon us, We need to press upon them the need for them to stop burdening us with their inability to stop spending.

What Socialism and our President can promise is a lack of personal freedom. Our personal abilities will be replaced with someone else’s judgment on our abilities, our abilities to go find work will be replaced with someone else judging our abilities, and requiring us to take classes, get certified and then go on a waiting list. Our capabilities will be reduced to better ourselves and replaced with someone else placing us in categories that will limit what we can and will be allowed to do.

As President Regan once said Government is not the solution, it is the problem. Government can and does great things, but it has its limitations. Many on the left do not understand or see the limitations. They seem to have a love fest with Government. However our Founders knew that the consolidation of power in a central government has only one outcome. That outcome is tyranny, and oppression. Our system is broken, and our elected officials are trying with all of their might to justify their positions. It is the faith in the individual that is missing. Empower us to do what needs to be done. We will fix these problems, just give us the ability and get out of the way.

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