Thursday, March 10, 2011

Can a house Divided stand?

Anyone who has read my Blog understands that I am a person that wants to revisit the taxation, and regulatory levels of a decade ago. I hear that I am a right wing nut, well I disagree. The last thing I want is to hurt individual families, by having them lose their jobs, or to face a severe reduction in household income. The problem is that we already have families facing that issue, and the only solution that seems to be coming from our leaders is to increase the cost on all of us. These families have been the small independent family business. These have been the true dreamers, the ones who have tried to create. That is what we have lost. I understand the pain that lower taxes will cause on the public sector. But we have to work together to lower cost on everyone. The goal is to get the dreamers back into the game.

We have overreached, and we have political leaders that have been elected by vilifying certain individuals to get elected. As Lincoln once said a house divided cannot stand. Well we seem to have a bunch of elected officials that are selling this idea. Both from the far right and the far left, we have people preaching violence.

I am not one of them, but I also realize that history will repeat itself if we have not learned from it. We have a federal government that is promoting ideas that only a King would implement. I see a revolution coming; a civil war and I wish I did not. The Reality is that we have leaders leading us over a cliff; some of us will choose not to follow. That is where the rub is, and that is where individual states will have to choose between the independence and the federal collectivism.

Yes you hear me right, if we do not have real leaders that can look beyond their own self interest; we will have a group of states choose independence from our federal government. That choice is the only real solution if the federal government continues on its course it has chosen. I do not what it, but I also realize it has consequences, and the possibility for states standing up and reclaiming their sovereign status guaranteed under the constitution will grow.

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