Tuesday, March 1, 2011

what is the intent of the Democrats, and where are they leading us?

I have to wonder, what my old party is doing. The Democrat party has sold its existence to the unions, socialist and the communist. The party of my father used to have a seat for small business, well that seems to be all gone. The vast independent voters, those who have given up on both extremes have to stand up no. if not we are looking at a revolution. I am not preaching armed conflict, but if we do nothing that is what America will be facing.

The left has gone to bed with every radical group that has an agenda to destroy the economy and our way of life. These radicals are changing the old meaning of the American dream of self reliance, to a dream of socialism. Boy the 60's radicals have really found a new drug. Well the generation of do not trust anyone over 30 is now telling us a bunch of lies, and I for one am not buying what they are selling. I guess the generation of love is now looking for a new blue pill to give them the power they have lost in bed. The power they now seek is over you and me, in every aspect of our lives they want control. This will not stand, our founders fought for a system to empower the individual, the group now leading our government wants to weaken the individual. The depths of how far we have fallen are alarming as a nation. They have been working long and hard to destroy our checks and balance system of governing, and we have allowed them to do it.

I am calling for all of you that still believe in the individual, and the potential that giving the individual the freedom to grow, to stand up. If the unions march on Carson City we have to also go. We need to show a solid front and stand by our convictions. For those arguments saying that capitalism has failed, is incorrect, what has failed is we have allowed for our system of government to evolve away from its original intent. Our leaders need to again read the declaration of independence and understand why those words were written. They need to first read the federalist papers and understand the debate that our founders had during the constitutional conventions. And finally the constitution itself and understand the 2/3rd value for blacks in the south and why it was placed into the document and realize it was not out of racism, but it was to bring the southern states into the union.

Our nation is not a racist nation and capitalism is not an evil mechanism to destroy individual freedom. Capitalism is the great equalizer to a society. The problem is that we have allowed monopolies to take the free market and capitalism and turn it on its ear. We have allowed our system to get away from us, which are the real battles that we face, socialism will fail, and it always does. Unfortunately it always cost millions of lives before it fails.

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