Thursday, August 11, 2011

How can we lower the cost of living to help allow us all to regain personal capitol, a in-depth look at all the fees, taxes regulatory oversight and looking at the benefit, versus the social economic cost?

All we have to do is look at our monthly phone bill, or power bill. Look at all of the add-on cost that we have had to deal with, which have been put into place over that last decade or so. How about local small business, how many new permits, fees regulatory changes that have added cost to the operation. How about public works projects that close down streets in front of many small businesses, how many have closed down due to the interruption of business and the inability to downsize for 4 to 6 months. We have to ask where our priorities are, the Left will make the argument that these fees are needed to make us safer, or to provide a needed service. I would have to say that I feel that we have overreached. For the dollar for dollar benefit of a dollar in taxes does not bring in a dollar worth of benefit. Think about it, you cannot just build a program and not have cost associated with it. You have employees, they have cost associated with it, payroll, health, sick leave, retirement and so on. That takes some of this tax revenue away from the end benefit. Them where are these people working, they have buildings, which have power bills, upkeep cost repairs and maintenance, and well insurance cost and so on. The employee costs have vehicles, which have cost in fuels and maintenance. Plus we have waist whenever we have a system that can never attempts to save revenue that is a private sector trait. The end result is that the general population is lucky to achieve 10 cents on the dollar benefit from a dollar in tax paid.

 A government program needs to grow, for the net worth of a program is determined by the size of their budget. We have many examples of city, county and state departments that do not combine efforts and in the end work against each other over a battle for budgets. An example here is a parks department and a maintenance department that have different values in terms of their budgets. A city pool needs a pool cover for the winter months, the cost let’s say is around $10,000.00, each department does not want that to come out of their budget, yet the cost is still there. Instead of buying a cover for $10,000.00 that has a life span of 8 years, we have a maintenance department that spends $10,000.00 each year to clean and repair the pool. The losers are our city pools, and you the taxpayer. The fact that these departments work against each other just reaffirms the waist in our present tax and government service system.

The great disconnect is the battle of words coming from our elected officials. They say they want jobs but they are destroying careers. These cost that have been imposed on all of us need to come into question. Many on the left and a few on the right have pet projects and will fight this movement. Yet we are not trying to destroy services, we just want a better outcome, and realize the path we are on is leading us over a cliff. If you want social programs we need to focus on private sector careers, for people that have careers have a long term relationship with their communities. They are vested in a beneficial outcome of the society in general. They also hire individuals and have a shared goal to build and growth local economies. This is the growth that will reduce the need for social programs. This is the effort that we should be focused on, yet it is the discussion that is not being heard.

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