Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How do we create jobs, with the lack of capitol, is the answer big business or small business or some combination?

Job Creation, what is the answer? If you listen to the left they would say that we need more spending, more services to soften the effects of this recession. The problem goes back to the lack of capitol, not only for the government but for the everyday citizen. We have to start to look at not only the taxes that we pay but we have to look at the policies and regulations that these taxes and fees pay for. The main question to regain a healthy economy is to allow individuals, whether rich and poor to hold on to more of their money. This is the big capitol question, how do we balance service with a level of commerce that gives most of us the ability to not need the services. The most stable our nation is depends on more of us having the ability to take care of ourselves. This makes the human condition more comfortable and thus creates human activity. This activity creates commerce and creates capitol growth and personal wealth.

It would seem that every time we have a social agenda coming from the Federal government we have an uptick in the unemployed especially in the minority community. an example is during the George bush administration we had a black unemployment rate of 10% during the Carter and the Obama administrations we have a black unemployment rate of 14%-16%.Why then are the policies coming from the folks preaching the most about the poorest of us, deliver the least for us. Simply it is their policies. We have to ask ourselves does a federal policy of increasing taxes in an economic down turn increase human activity. I would say a very load No, it will continue to suppress activity. By having a public policy that says the rich need to pay more it negates that fact that we all hope one day to grow our own wealth and become rich ourselves. What we want is a system that allows us to grow, and far too often we now have a system that protects the rich and inhibits competition especially from the small start ups.

Many of you may not understand but if we need to have job growth and if that needs to come from small business then we need to live in the world of small capitol operations, where time is money. Our present system of governing puts a big priority on building a system that slows down the ability to build and create. We have a system of procedure, and regulation. Far too many times a small operation cannot wait, or will have difficulty passing these costs along. If you cannot start up a new operation in a couple of months, we have overreached and we need to rethink, how we govern at the lower end of this economy. If small business is the answer, we need to realize that there are limitations, and adjust our policies to help create job growth. Big businesses have purchasing power and other factors that mitigate some of these worries, but small operations need to be nurtured, and not penalized. Unfortunately when we have a system that is operated by individuals that do not take into consideration the abilities of an operation and its place in the economy we tend to have a system that rewards the big box stores at the cost of the small operation. In my humble opinion that is the main illness that has taken root in our system of government.

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