Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Where are the jobs?

Can the State of Nevada create Jobs? That one question will take some real change, and it may include renewable resources but this is not a one trick pony. The answer will require a degree of self reliance to again resurface. With over 66% of the homes underwater available capitol for small business is hard to find. The other aspect of a small business is the big question is your profit margin, how much can you realistically expect. You have to look at the market, the customer pool, you going after. You have to look at the scalability, and what growth potential does it have. An entrepreneur has to look at this entire venture, and weigh the cost involved.

Unfortunately we have a bureaucratic system the ads cost to these concerns of all Nevada Business, as well as a political system that has done nothing but promise items to the populace that the system can no longer afford. President Obama is calling out Small business for not hiring, Well Mr. President How about lowering our cost, and Stop increasing our cost. Unfortunately He complains but his actions are to destroy business activity. He has said it himself he wants to redistribute income. Well he is doing just that, he is out to destroy our economic system and to undermine the constitution in which he pledged to protect and defend.

Mr. Obama’s Cap in trade system as he put it will necessarily increase the cost of energy and gasoline. Mr. Obama’s Health care Plan will drive down supply to health care and increase the cost on every American business. His policy Czar is developing more and more regulatory oversight that is making business unbearable, yet this man blames us. Mr. Reid and the other progressives in our government need to be stopped, and this is coming from a former democratic candidate for Nevada Governor. I left the Democratic Party once I realized that small business issues were not a part of the Democratic platform. There is no understanding of commerce and no respect toward those who make their own way.

Again here in Nevada we have some serious issues, there are solutions, but I do not believe that we have the leadership that understands how to fix the system. It will take a revolutionary at heart, someone who can buck the system and the current power structure. We can survive but we have to reset this system and bring back the checks and balance system that has been so diligent in slowing down change. For without reflection on policy we have had change sped up to a point that many of these changes have brought far too much destruction to our economy.

We have to lower cost, from the cost of living to the cost of doing business, this is where we share sacrifice and share in the benefit. Not in a belief system that wishes to increase the cost of power but lower the cost of power, lower the cost and scope of regulatory oversight, and limit the power of these too big to fail industries. We used to have restrictions to limit monopolies, we have had our government do a complete 180 and build monopolies. We need to regulate on an economic of scale basis that would have higher oversight the bigger the company is, and allow small startups the room to grow. This is not to hurt the big operations, but to prioritize where our regulatory oversight and Government needs to focus. Big Business has the economic advantage to hire lobbyist to give them favorable regulations, small operations do not have the monies to fight back and typically looses that battle. If employment begins at Small business then we need to change our priorities on not only taxation, but more importantly regulatory oversight. Taxes are only a part of a cost structure that has become punitive in the business model of much of Nevada.

The battle over the debt ceiling is a part of the economic mess we are in, for the government is sucking potential investment monies toward paying off our national debt service. I hate to be the one to break this to you, but I do not think anyone 60 or under will ever see our Social security checks, and Right now I am willing to let that go, if and only if the government gets out of the way to allow me with the limited time left to make my own way. The solution will mean that we reduce the size of Government, in the past the leaders tend to want to scare you, but this time we need to look at each of us and say that I will be fine and we can get through this period. Smaller government is not scary, we have had it before, it does mean that we need to work together, and not continue this debate designed to separate us.

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