Friday, July 22, 2011

How does Nevada go its economy with such a lack of capitol?

I know I sound like a broken record; we need lower taxes and regulatory oversight. I know those who have read my blog it is the same message. The problem is that we are going through a change, and that change is one of a personal matter. I believe that Our Government has not yet caught up with this change; they are too busy trying to place fingers in the leaking dyke.

With the Housing problems Nevada has, Capitol for small start ups will be hard to come by. With our Federal Government borrowing monies at the rate it is, Money is harder to come by to Borrow for all Nevadans. The federal Government printing money at the rate it is, our money in our wallets has decreased 20%, limiting our buying power. Finally with a Government that has seen itself the solution to our problems we have increased the numbers and scope in which our public sector has operated, this has had an effect to increase the cost on everyone. It is not hard to understand why we have a private sector that is paralyzed.

The Questions at hand is how do we grow our economy? What are the strengths Nevada has in the market place and what are the weaknesses? How do we create jobs, with the lack of capitol, is the answer big business or small business or some combination? How can we lower the cost of living to help allow us all to regain personal capitol, a in-depth look at all the fees, taxes regulatory oversight and looking at the benefit, versus the social economic cost? And how to we improve the situation? I will try to answer these. Some of these answers come from the past, and some from the future. I am going to try to answer each of these questions in the next couple of Blogs, each question in each blog, tackling each question and looking for the answers in depth. These are just my answers, I will make an attempt to weigh to lefts arguments versus the rights, and see where we go from here.

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