Friday, July 29, 2011

How do we grow the economy?

As I have said, with a federal Government that is hell bent on lowering the value of our Dollar, and developed a policy to put everyone in a home has had a 180 degree effect. Our homes are being devalued, our money is being devalued. Our government is increasing regulatory oversight and regulations from health care to energy cost. And we are supposed to spend money and take a risk in this environment? I feel like Bill Engvall and saying here is your sign. We have had government officials looking for a home run, looking for a big business to come in and save the day, something to place their hats on. Call me a pessimist but those days are gone. I have played a lot of ball, and the ones who win are the ones who get people on base. The San Francisco Giants won the World Series after they got rid of Barry Bonds. Think about it. We need to get people on base to grow this economy.

If that is the case, then how do we get people to take the risks again in this economic climate? We have to lessen the stress of everyday cost. This is where our state and local governments come into play. We need to see a reversal of the fees, taxes, requirements, etc that has been put into place over the last decade. Don’t try to scare me about police, teachers, fire protection etc. I am tired of this scare tactic, and we need to know that ten years ago we had teachers, police and fire. So get off of this. What are in danger are all the increases we have had. In government staff, a salary, pensions, perks.

The first move is to retain our current job levels, to do that we need to get off the chest of every Nevadan and let us breath. Only then can we feel comfortable enough to take the risk that we will jump start this economy. This will mean that many of our attorneys that have spent the last ten Years building legal cases designed to limit competition protecting big business needs to sit down. Our elected officials that take a narrow focus designed to strengthen the bottom lines of their supporters and focus on the people that do not have the time or the money to kiss their asses. These individuals are the small business owners that for all these years you have taken for granted. Again we have a capitol problem, Big Business has moved to a global status, we need to turn our focus on the people living here and stop trying to use the money collected from taxes to provide service and return to a system whereby through hard work people can take care of themselves. The trick is to lower much of what has been raised over the past decade. This is as much a republican problem as much as it is a Democrat problem. Both parties have served their special interest and ignored the vast population; we cannot grow this economy from the extremes if the middle is in decay.

We currently have had to live with the effects of budget cuts, but where is the direction of these cuts. Far too many times we see a Cover your ass mentality come out of these government agencies, hey I don’t blame them, Self preservation has sunk in, and I get it. But we hear a lot about sacrifice coming from our current leadership, but we do not have a game plan. What we need is a game plan with both long and short term goals. Short term goal for me to stabilize capitol at the local level, lower cost to the everyday Nevadan and shorten the time and cost it takes to start a new business. This means red tape, and permits, licenses etc has to have a two week time line. Yes you heard me two weeks. From start to finish we need to get people back into the risk taking business.

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